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Thirty May Join Student Body

Oberlin is likely to add 30 students to the College’s total student body next year, College President Nancy Dye said at Tuesday’s College Faculty meeting.
These additional students, many of whom will be paying full tuition, will help allay some of the College’s financial woes. Tuition is the College’s largest source of revenue for the College’s operating budget.
Dye stated that not all of these additional students will be paying full tuition, but that “it’s important to pay attention to our need sensitivity policy.”
She made a similar statement at Tuesday’s College Faculty meeting.
“Given the fact that Oberlin aids a large part of its student body, “ Dye said, “we have to pay attention to tuition revenue, because tuition [pays for much of] financial aid.”

—John Byrne

Alumni Site Redesigned

OBIE Web, the College’s new and improved alumni website, debuted early this year sporting a “fresher and more news-oriented content,” said creator of the site and New Media Director John Appley.
The old alumni site design “was showing its age” he stated, and from the growing concerns of the College Alumni Association as well as the Office of College Relations, a new design arose.
Focus groups conducted with alumni gave OBIE Web designers an idea of what alumni wanted changed about the old design. This site now features faculty, student and alumni profiles, an off-campus events calendar, links to the Oberlin Alumni Magazine and Oberlin Conservatory Magazine sites.
It also contains information on volunteering and donation opportunities, as well as a heading labeled “Fun Stuff,” which includes desktop wallpaper and electronic postcards.
“We wanted to tell alumni more about students and the new faculty that has come on,” said Appley. “It’s a behind the scenes look” he stated, at the College and its components.
The old alumni website was rarely, if ever, updated yet OBIE Web has plans to update weekly bringing in a stream of constant and fresh information specifically geared towards College alumni.
OBIE Web can be accessed from the College’s homepage, or directly at

—Rachel Decker

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