Habitats for Humanity

To the Editors:

Worldwide, one person dies from hunger every 40 seconds. (National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness) Approximately 36-45 percent of individuals who experience homelessness are employed. (Urban Institute) Although students at Oberlin might not experience hunger and homelessness firsthand, we are not immune to it. Ohio PIRG’s Hunger and Homelessness (H&H) campaign is working with the Oberlin community to raise awareness about hunger and homelessness and to encourage volunteer outreach to those members of our community who are in need.
Last week, members of OPIRG’s H&H campaign volunteered at Oberlin Hot Meals. Currently, there are OPIRG-organized canned food and clothing drives going on in all of the residence halls. Collection boxes will remain in the halls throughout the semester. All donations received will be given to a local homeless shelter.
On Sunday, Oct. 13, H&H is sponsoring a benefit concert at the Cat in the Cream. The concert, entitled “The Cat in the Creamed Corn,” will feature Ben Newhouse on guitar. You must bring one canned-good item or a clothing donation to be admitted. All donations will be given to Oberlin Community Services. You can make a difference and have fun simultaneously!
The Hunger and Homelessness Campaign is also organizing a Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week for Nov. 18-22. The week will be full of events, including a Hunger Banquet, Hunger Fast, Service Day, and a panel of speakers who will address issues of hunger and homelessness. The Hunger Banquet will offer a demonstration of socio-economic divides worldwide, as well as educate participants. The Hunger Fast is an opportunity for students to donate money to a local organization by giving up a meal from their CDS dining plan. Look for information about these and other exciting Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week events after Fall Break. OPIRG’s Hunger and Homelessness campaign is making a difference this semester.

–Susan Albright
College sophomore

October 4
October 11

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