Bowling Takes Shots at Kent
Tom Reid

Fifteen members of Oberlin’s Intercollegiate Bowling Team traveled to Kent on Saturday, Sept. 28, to compete in the Kent State Unconventional tournament at Twin Star Lanes.
The event consisted of four team games, after which the top five teams advanced to match-play finals. Oberlin’s three five-player squads were shown the door early, with the men’s C team missing the finals by 132 pins. The finals berths were all snagged by squads from Kent State and the University of Akron.

Sophomore Jessy Bradish, who had won the championship in the handicap division of the Autumn Pin Harvest intramural contest the previous evening at College Lanes, stormed out of the gate with a 209 game — including five consecutive strikes — Oberlin’s highest score of the day. She led the women’s squad with a 153 average.
Seniors Mark Santos and Chico Alarcon each rolled a 204 game for the men’s C team, while junior Adam Freeman notched a 200 score for the men’s B team. Senior Chad Hill of the C squad topped all Oberlin bowlers with a 172 average for the day, including consecutive tallies of 190 and 197.
Modeled after Oberlin’s own OC Uncoventional tournament, Saturday’s contest was a warm-up for the Kent State Tournament, slated to feature many of the best college teams in the nation at the same lanes in early November.

Professor of Bowling Tom Reid is the coach for the Oberlin Intercollegiate Bowling Team.

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