Student Suggestions to Dye

To the Editors:

While recently discussing a classmate’s legal problems, a plan for alleviating Oberlin’s budget crisis came over me. Oberlin offers a fine array of psychological counseling services. For a small additional investment, the College could add legal counseling services to the battery of problem-solving options now available to the student body at large. This move would have several benefits:

1) The student body would be able to utilize the legal counseling services to defend themselves in the court of law, and in civil disputes.
2) The College could make up for its recent layoffs by employing several local Lorain county lawyers.
3) By arranging a payment scheme to distribute civil awards proceeds in such a way that students, counsel and College alike were to benefit financially from successful lawsuits, Oberlin College could make up its multimillion dollar losses in the stock market after a few years of legal battles waged on any number of issues pertinent to Oberlin’s activist spirit, thereby maintaining, as yet another beneficial side effect, the College’s painstakingly cultivated progressive image to reap future classes of America’s most high-achieving, conscientious students.
I’m sure you’ll agree that this proposal will be the basis for the financial stability of Oberlin College for decades to come. President Dye, with all due respect, after this most recent hullabaloo surrounding the layoff scandal, you have little choice but to restore Oberlin’s finances through alternative methods, the most viable of which I have just outlined above.

–Jeremy Cooper
College junior

November 8
November 15

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