More than the Money

To the Editors:

President Dye’s raise and 10-year incentive-to-stay bonus aren’t
shocking — it’s the modern way, and as President Dye said at one of the
meetings she held to talk to OCOPE members about the financial crisis, the Trustees were in line with market practices for college presidents with the recompense they gave her.
The fairness issue is about more than the money. I think it’s also about feeling betrayed. It’s about what Oberlin stands for, and is a reflection of the age-old struggle of image versus substance, with image triumphing too often in modern society.
Dye has gained popularity by espousing Oberlin’s traditions of equality and justice. But we find that her words are just useful tools: unlike Oberlin’s founders who risked all for right, she hasn’t done the hard thing. No matter if her raise and bonus are in line with current market practices: here at Oberlin, we expect more. Giving back her bonus could translate into a real difference in terms of the College’s financial state, as well as campus morale. There’s still time, President Dye. I believe that one person can make a difference. And I believe that when you do the right thing, more good things follow.

–Sue Elkevizth
Departmental Secretary of English

November 8
November 15

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