College Seeks New Policy for Protests
by John Byrne

Nearly two years after a flustered then-Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Larry Summers departed the stage of Finney after students publicly harangued him for his globalization policy, the College is looking to adopt a policy that deals specifically with protesting during public events. The General Faculty could have voted on the issue Tuesday, but the meeting was cancelled.
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Hardcore Juggling Troupe Visits Finney
by Cat Richert

Once upon a time, on the far-away planet of Karamazov, there lived four eccentric brothers. They would spend hours tossing obscure and random objects into the air. Phonebooks, eggs, meat cleavers and dry ice littered the corners of their humble abode until they finally perfected the art of juggling.
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Yeomen Pull Out Win Over Denison, Finish 3-7
by Colin Smith

When all was said and done, it was a good way to go out.
After falling behind early, the Yeoman football team overcame four different deficits, a slew of penalties and some drizzly, miserable weather en route to a 30-22 victory over North Coast Athletic Conference rival Denison University in the season’s final game last Saturday.
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Alumnus Attacks President Dye

To the Editors:

As an Oberlin alumnus, I am writing you to urge an immediate reversal of the 11 lay-offs at the College, and a moratorium on any future cuts until the entire budget is
made public and accessible. I’m sure many will share my outrage that these lay-offs come on the heels of your scandalous raise and $1 million bonus.

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