Thefts bedevil students, profs
by Jesse Baer

Last weekend, three laptops, five movie projectors and a DVD player were stolen from King and residence halls.
First-year Marshall Duer-Balkind was the first to discover the missing DVD player and one of the missing projectors. On Sunday evening he walked into King 106 and pressed the play button on a control panel. When nothing happened, he realized that both the DVD player and the projector were gone.
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Legends brings prominent hip-hop circuit to ’Sco
by Greg Teves

On Monday night, The Creative Differences Tour hits campus, featuring west-coast sensations Living Legends, Rhymesayers’ Eyedea & Abilities, and Los Angeles underground staples 2Mex, xololanxino, and Busdriver. It may just be the Ohio hip-hop show of the year.
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Yeomen upset Wabash for first NCAC win
by Jamie Frankel

In an afternoon likely to be remembered by many Oberlin College basketball followers for months to come, Oberlin took on Wabash College Saturday and turned out a 87-78 upset victory over one of the best teams in the conference.
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Obie’s disappointment with Dye

To the Editors:
Due to recent events involving programs on Oberlin campus, I have felt compelled to send you this letter expressing my concern, and quite honestly, disappointment.
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