Protest at high school goes awry
by Ariella Cohen

At an April 2 pre-trial hearing the Oberlin Police Department cut a deal with Day X demonstrator Claire Miller.
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Snow explores line between dream and reality
by Nina Louise Morrison

A sharp new script written and directed by senior Seth Stewart takes us to a world located somewhere between the borders of dreams and reality, truth and fiction. With a sassy cast of six solid actors, Snow Red Sleeping is a complex riddle of poetry, animation, music and audience participation.
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Softball team equals last season’s win total
by Laurie Stein

By chalking up a 3-6 record in their first nine games, the Oberlin College women’s softball team has equaled last year’s win total, prompting higher expectations from team members this season.
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High school protest appalling

To the Editors:
I write regarding the Day X events at Oberlin High School. I want to emphasize that I don’t intend to speak for anyone but myself. I am a lifelong resident of Oberlin and a junior at Oberlin College. From this perspective, I am anxious about the consequences these events will have on my city and my school.
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