Caller harasses female students
by Greg Walters and Noah Pollaczek

With a few variations, “Michael’s” technique almost always works like this: he calls a number in Oberlin at random — usually a dorm room, although sometimes he calls an off campus student residence. If a female voice answers, he says, “Well hello, gorgeous.”
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The vagina according to Eve
by Nina Louise Morrison

The word “vagina” appears 136 times in Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues. Any slang term imaginable is also mentioned with giggles and orgasmic moans to boot. The show is about “spreading the word.” Its aim is to start a conversation about the “word” by unabashedly breaching the taboo subjects of female sexuality, desire, abuse and pleasure. The Monologues are as much political as they are theatrical.
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Yeoman tennis sweeps Malone College 7-0
by Steffon Thomas

The Malone College men’s tennis team came stomping into Oberlin on Saturday only to be swept by the Yeomen.
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Staff member proposes names

To the Editors:
A tour of the Oberlin College campus reveals buildings named in honor of individuals who donated money toward construction (Carnegie, Severance, Peters, Warner, Talcott, Baldwin, Tank, Noah), buildings named in honor of former presidents (Fairchild, Barrows, King, Bosworth, Stevenson), buildings named for former residents of the buildings (Johnson, Old Barrows, Allencroft) and even buildings named in honor of former presidents who were former residents of buildings demolished to make way for new construction (Finney, Keep). While a few campus buildings are named for women or minorities, most are named for white men. For an institution that prides itself on graduating some of the first women and African-American college students in the U.S., it is unsettling that even those closely associated with Oberlin College could not name these pioneers. With the Housing & Dining Committee contest to rename the Firelands building, we have an opportunity to add one or more of these names to campus culture.
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