(noun) \klash\:

1. a swelling, clotting like snow clouds, welling up, a feeling first, and then the words, what did you say to me; 2. a plow swims through the snow, jolts forward, stops, jolts, the words are jargon, the words are hieroglyphs; 3. our backfires blaze, spew sparks like broken teeth, our howls, our heads, our words bulge, and we sink into the bowels of this; 4. a straitjacket, subterranean, we lock ourselves into our words, I meant it, I am ashamed of you, I want out; 5. you sulk, spin my words to meet yours, a mouse maze of prongs and planks, lather yourself with logic, you are right, you are right, you must be right; 6. a shriveling of pride, like fingertips or words, like cells.