What Will Remain

if you woke, old man, and rose up

open eyes I'd ask you what

you'd see out on the world now.

because today they see

the lasting boys the brothers last

ing children last

ing granding father man today:

is what they see

but only one,

a single failing


sunshine baking

bread the day, a kind of waste

ed daughter dies, a kind

of midnight last, midlast

and on and on and

going on? and others

other midnight dawn in midsound bells that chime

and later ask if whether now the lovely


the hours past

a sister, and the day

a time track add

the train track rail

a link in life times only when

the we were young

and so we're old

we're young

we are.

and never kiss

and never touch

the kidling man of which

he is and what he's lost

soon ten years old

it's all the same:

for now, what cold we see: within

us only brothers fatherman

can't know

he knows

and always knew

that ever where he's going is