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Phone: (440) 775-8540
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Monday-Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm

Donna Young

Administrative Assistant

Bruce Simonson

Chair, Winter Term Committee

Office of Winter Term

The Creativity Fund

Awards of up to $2,000 that support the development of early stage entrepreneurial ideas.  We accept a wide range of projects, including those focused on social change.  The application deadline is November 10.  More information, including past projects, can be found on the Creativity & Leadership website.

Important Announcement

The following information is about a change in the Winter Term policy at Oberlin College effective Winter Term 2008. It is important that you read this notice before you start planning for Winter Term 2008. The complete Winter Term policy can be found in the Online Course Catalog (http://catalog.oberlin.edu).


The change in the policy, which was approved by the General Faculty in March 2007, is outlined below:


Students who matriculated prior to Fall 2007 may propose Winter Term projects from one of the following categories:


1. Academic Study: a faculty-sponsored, academically-focused research, study, or performance project that can be conducted on- or off-campus, individually or as part of a group project.

2. Field Experience: a learning activity that could include career exploration, social or political action, community service, or an unpaid internship.

3. Personal Growth and Development: an opportunity to learn a skill, try something new, or pursue subject matter outside of traditional academic disciplines.


Only one full project (or two half projects) may be earned from category three. All three Winter Term credits may be earned from categories one and two. Student and sponsor together must determine the most appropriate category for a proposed project.


Students matriculating Fall 2007 and later do not have to specify a category for their Winter Term project. These students are expected to complete Winter Term projects that are academically relevant, rigorous, experiential, and educationally rewarding. Viable projects are those that involve academic study and/or field experience, as well as experiential learning—including internships and community service. The sponsor will help the student propose a Winter Term project that meets these goals.


Please keep in mind that this is NOT a change in any academic deadlines related to Winter Term – this is only a change in policy.



Friday, Oct. 1 Applications for Group Grants due.
Monday, Oct. 18 Winter Term Group Project  Listings available online.
Monday, Nov. 1

Winter Term Fair, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Philips Physical Education Center

Friday, Nov. 5 Individual project grant applications are due.
Friday, Nov. 5 Group project grant acceptance forms are due.
Monday, Nov.8 Applications for Winter Term Internships through Career Services are due.
Monday, Nov. 8 Students receive Winter Term registration cards in mailboxes.

Friday, Dec. 3

Last day for students to register for Winter Term 2011.

Friday, Dec. 3 Individual Grant Acceptance Forms are due.
Wednesday, Jan. 5 Winter Term begins.
Wednesday, Jan. 5 Winter Term Registration deadline for students not in residence during the Fall 2009 semester.
Wednesday, Jan. 19

Last day to revise registration.  See

Changes to Registration under "Registering for a Project".

Monday, Jan. 31 Winter Term ends.
Friday, Feb. 11

Student reports for Individual projects due to faculty sponsors;

Individual Grant Final Reports due to the Winter Term Office;

last day to report a decrease in credit from full to half (with a Winter Term Registration Adjustment/Drop Form signed by the faculty sponsor)

Monday, Feb. 21 Faculty grade report due to Registrar, along with any title changes agreed to by faculty sponsor and student.

Wednesday, Mar. 2

Final Report for a Group project grant due to the Winter Term Office.
Friday, April 8 Deadline to apply for Early Funding for a Winter Term 2012 Group project grant.












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