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"Embrace the World"--
Memories of Stanton Loomis Catlin '37

The former director of news services at Oberlin met Stanton Catlin quite by accident, and became very close to this extraordinary artist who was deeply involved in radical politics at Oberlin in the mid-Thirties. This is a look at the life of an extraordinary man whose taste and discretion informed America's awareness of the arts.

By John Harvith

Miss Eleanor Gould '38, Grammarian Extraordinaire,
Holds The Line at The New Yorker

Eleanor Gould '38 had always wanted to work at The New Yorker --as what new English major does not? Her wish came true in 1945, and she's still at it, more than fifty years later, inexorably sharing her remarkable command of the use of the English language on the the galley proofs of The New Yorker's memorable stable of writers.

By Mavis Clark

The Learning Channels

The editor of the Washington Post Book World, planned to review a book by Oberlin professor Marcia Colish, and instead slipped into a reverie of Oberlin's illustrious professors -- including Colish who changed his life.

By Michael Dirda '70

Manhattan via Nepal

Soon after Nova Spivak '91 left Oberlin, he found himself in Nepal, transformed by the robes of monkhood. It was here that he wrote a proposal that became the basis for a multi-million dollar adventure, Earthweb, of which he is now executive vice president.

By Bijal Trivedi '92

Medicine in China and the U.S.:
Observations from an American Medical Student

A premed at Georgetown, this alum spent a month in China studying infectious diseases at a teaching hospital. Here, he compares Eastern and Western medical practices.

By Stephen Eigles '90

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