[Alumni Magazine Spring 1997]

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Marianne Liberatore

Think One Person Can Change the World?

Marianne Liberatore '48 led Connecticut's South Shore Music Festival in the adoption of Bosnia's Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, successfully engineering replacement and repair of the many instruments destroyed or damaged by four devastating years of war-and now plans a musical peace corps to teach young musicians performance skills.

By Mavis Clark

How Inner-City Kids Taught This Counselor Survival Tactics

A summer spent counseling inner-city youngsters at a bare-bones New Jersey camp is a revelation for a student who thought she knew exactly what to expect. The campers discovered how to tie sneakers, brush teeth, and survive a challenging overnight trek; Foshay learned patience and humility.

By Elena Foshay '98

Reflections from Kunming

A young, black Shansi rep in China finds her best defense is humor as her Chinese teachers, classmates, and almost everyone else she meets in Kunming reveal some very puzzling attitudes about African Americans.

BY Alexis Collins '94

Leslie as a Man

King for a Day

After agreeing to participate in an all-day, cross-dressing experiment with several female colleagues, an English professor learns that it's not only clothes that make the man--sitting, standing, walking, and smiling all had to be relearned.

BY Leslie Lawrence '72

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