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Featured Stories:

Money Matters
Faced with rising expenses and a shrinking endowment, Oberlin's administrators have the difficult task of balancing the College's $150-million operating budget. Yet the mood on campus remains optimistic, and fund-raising for the capital campaign runs ahead of schedule.
by Jennifer Stoffel, Amy Stankiewicz, and Anne Paine

Family Tree, Oberlin Roots
Oberlin's legacy tradition is alive and well, but see how far some alums will go to plant the Obie spirit in their own children.
by Allison Tracy '66

Operation Internship
A four-week student internship with Dr. Douglas Kirkpatrick '65 practically guarantees a successful career in medicine.
by Eric Everett

[cover story]
Fury and the Sound
New York City has become the scene for Obie rock bands--many have gained national recognition and major-label record deals. What's the reason?
by Sara Marcus '99

David Rees Gets His (Bleep) On
Love him or hate him, Rees' hard-edged political comic strip has taken on a cult-like status, attracting more than 5 million readers since its debut in 2001.
by Sara Marcus '99