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The print market for food books might be thriving, but a plethora of food blogs exists only a click away. Bread Pudding Lovers (breadpudding lovers.blogspot.com) is Jennifer Grady's love song to bread pudding—sweet or savory, but never with raisins. Grady '91 has sampled the treat all over the country, and her one-to-four-forks rating system will guide you to some of the best.

On Radishes and Turnips (radishesandturnips.blogspot.com), Melinda Rothstein '95 uses the material she gets from her beloved CSAs (that's community supported agriculture) to make family dishes ranging from quick weeknight burritos to fruit smoothies and gingerbread muffins.

Aromatum (aromatum.blogspot.com) chronicles Claire Chene's love of spices. Chene '07 will teach you how to make easy recipes with such exotic "dried things from far away" as orange blossom, winter hibiscus, and juniper.

I'm High on Cooking (imhighoncooking.com) is another blog to watch, this one coming from Jared Pickard '06. After working for years at the New York Stock Exchange, Pickard quit his job and moved to Georgia, working as an apprentice at Full Moon Farm and its farm-to-table restaurant four miles away, farm225. These days, Pickard is looking to develop a "hospitality, culinary, and wellness experience" called Be Here Now in Northern California.