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Reel-to-reel Recordings on CD-ROM

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News: Reel-to-reel Recordings Transferred to CD-ROMs 

During the last several years the College Archives has been sending reel-to-reel recordings of speaker presentations at the College to Safe Sound, a company specializing in media migration. The Richard R. Hallock Foundation provided a grant for the project in 2008-09. Additional funds were drawn from a special endowment, the Hunt Preservation Fund, established in 2007 to enable the Oberlin College Archives to undertake preservation, conservation and digital access projects for artworks, recordings, photographs, and other objects in need of treatment, stabilization and/or migration to new media. In 2008-09, recordings of 115 events spanning 1958 to 1983 were copied to 131 CDs for user access. See the Office of Communications (RG 18) finding guide for an inventory of the titles and dates of these recorded presentations.

In 2010 the following recorded speakers and events were transferred, and are now available for research:

    Affirmative Action (panel, 1983)
    Anti-Apartheid Events (1987)
    Judith Becker (1975)
    Ann Binyon (1978)
    Marilyn Horne (interview, 1978)
    William P. Malm (1975)
    Oberlin and Black Education (panel, 1982)
    Oberlin at Wooster (football game, 1996)
    Donald J. Pease (interview, 1971)
    Gloria Steinem (1982)

Recorded speakers and events transferred in 2008-09, now available for research:

    Allen Memorial Art Museum, Venturi Addition Dedication
    Alumni Sesquicentennial Symposium
    J. Barbash
    Max Beloff
    Arthur Berger
    Wendell Berry
    Herbert Blau
    Geoffrey Blodgett
    Mario di Bonaventura
    Julian Bond
    Andrew Bongiorno
    Jimmy Breslin
    Robert McAfee Brown
    John Cage
    Robert K. Carr
    Cesar Chavez
    Shirley Chisholm
    Kenneth B. Clark
    Ramsey Clark
    Kathleen (Eldridge) Cleaver
    William Sloan Coffin, Jr.
    Commencement Symposium on Student Unrest
    Barry Commoner
    Angela Davis
    Education Commission Special Assembly
    Education Facilities Laboratories Conference
    Ralph Ellison
    John Fischer
    Donald Fleming
    Betty Friedan
    Milton Friedman
    Robert W. Fuller
    John Kenneth Galbraith
    Harry Golden
    Nathan Greenburg
    Michael Harrington
    Alex Haley
    August Heckscher
    Robert Heilbroner
    Walter Heller
    Melville Herskovits
    Clyde Holbrook
    Sidney Hook
    Jesse Jackson
    Selma James
    Ellen H. E. Johnson
    John F. Kennedy Memorial Service
    King Building Dedication
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Service
    Henry A. Kissinger
    John W. Kurtz
    Max Lerner
    Edward L. Long
    David Love
    Donald M. Love
    Allard Lowenstein
    Samuel Lubell
    Roy Lucas
    Staughton Lynd
    George S. May
    Rollo May
    Albert J. McQueen
    Margaret Mead
    Robert K. Merton
    N. Scott Momaday
    C. Wright Morris
    Toni Morrison
    Wayne Morse
    Mudd Library Groundbreaking
    Ralph Nader
    Philleo Nash
    Robert E. Neil
    Richard Neustadt
    Michael Novak
    Claes Oldenburg
    Rich Orloff
    Lucian Pye
    Edwin O. Reischauer
    Vinio Rossi
    Harrison Salisbury
    Andrew Sarris
    Richard Schoonmaker
    Robert Shaw
    Thomas Sherman
    Gary Snyder
    Wolfgang Stechow
    Wallace E. Stegner
    William E. Stevenson
    Ronald Suny
    Janet McKelvey Swift
    Robert Tufts
    Stewart Udall
    Vietnam Assembly & Moratorium Panel
    Robert Weaver
    Robert Weinstock
    Tom Wicker
    Roy Wilkins
    Harrison A. Williams Jr.
    Olly W. Wilson, Jr.
    Minoru Yamasaki
    David P. Young

At Oberlin's 132nd graduation exercises (1965), Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered the Commencement Address and received an honorary doctorate.

John Cage spoke on "James Joyce, Marcel Duchamps and Erik Satie: An Alphabet" on April 16th, 1983.

Margaret Mead gave the Assembly talk "The Role of the College-Educated Woman in Today's Society" on October 10th, 1963.

Oberlin Professor Wolfgang Stechow spoke on "Humanities and Science: Cold War or Alliance?" on May 17th, 1962.

Photographs from the collections of the Oberlin College Archives; all rights reserved.