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Distinguished Community Service Award

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"President Fuller, as chairman of the Honorary Degrees Committee, presented the Committee's recommendation that the Trustees establish a Distinguished Community Service Award to be conferred at Commencement Exercises upon persons from the Oberlin area who have made significant contributions to the welfare of the community and its residents. Nominations would normally be made by the General Faculty Honorary Degrees Committee through the Trustee Honorary Degrees Committee. Mr. Reid's MOTION that the Award be created as recommended CARRIED unanimously. It was understood that the award will probably not be conferred every year." Trustee Minutes, November 13-14, 1970, p. 13. "Mr. Stone presented a recommendation, MOVED and SECONDED by the Committee, that the Distinguished Community Service Award be changed to the Award for Distinguished Service to the Community. There was brief discussion after which the motion PASSED without dissent." Trustee Minutes, March 16-17, 1984.

Year Recipient
1971Gladys Sellew
1972Fred Lee Steen
1973Alcines Clair Siddall
1974Evan Walter Nord and Eric Thomas Nord
1975Ella Thompson
1976Robert Thomas
1977Saul Robert Gilford
1979Jeanne Beattie Butts
1980Jeanne Hibbard Stephens and James Thomas Stephens
1981Dorothy Wheeler Holbrook
1982George Tallmon Jones
1983Alexandra Podwalny '65
1984James F. "Bill" Long
1986Robert Walrath Tufts '40
1987Arthur Henry "Kenney" Clark
1988Margaret Reynolds Schauffler '18
1989Jeanne Bay
1990Dorothy Schwimmer Luciano
1991Ann Fuller
1992Anne Cartmell Elder '53 and John Dixon Elder '53
1993Harvey Gittler
1994Sigrid Boe
1995Shirley R. Johnson
1996Jane Baker Nord
1997Robert K. "B.J." Jones
1998Francine Toss '71
1999Marian Hooper Baum
2000Roy A. Church
2001Katherine S. Plank
2002Charlotte Owens Baker
2003Ruby Nell Jones
2004Delbert Dean Mason
2005Harriet Ahmed Thomas
2006Miriam L. Johnston Hallock
2007Beverly Reep
2008Jaquita Robinson Willis
2009Reverends Mary and Steve Hammond
2010Carol Longsworth
2011James W. White
2012Richard Dunn
2013Booker Carver Peek
2014Pat Holsworth