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Transferring Records to the Archives

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Academic and Administrative offices are assured of prompt and efficient retrieval of their records if the procedures cited below have been followed. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  1. Order boxes, Miracle Box No. 15 (12" x 15" x 10"), directly from the Paige Co., or contact us to inquire about boxes. Estimate 2 boxes per drawer of files.

  2. Check your finding guide for records series titles. If you do not have a finding guide, check our finding guides here or call the Archives first—before packing the records.

  3. Inventory each box by listing the titles of each folder. The Archives will use your inventory to find records; therefore it is essential that the inventory be as specific and as accurate as possible.
    1. Keep the material in file order.
    2. Number the boxes in order.
    3. Beginning with box 1, list in order the contents of each box, folder by folder. Be certain to indicate where one box ends and the next begins.
    4. Head each page of the inventory with the title of the collection, consisting of Division Title, Department Title, and Records Series Title.

  4. Label each box with a pressure-sensitive label on the front (12") side. Indicate the name of the transmitting office and the number of boxes (e.g. 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5).

  5. Send the inventory to the College Archives or include it in the first box. The inventory should have the name of the office and the name of the person preparing the inventory.

  6. Send a "Work Request Form" to the Physical Plant, Service Building, Oberlin College, with instructions to deliver the boxes to 420 Mudd Center.

  7. Contact the Archives when movers arrive at your office to transfer the boxes.