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Reproduction Services

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Price List

Researchers per page
$ .40
$ .40
Administrative Users per page
$ .40
$ .40
Reader Printer
8 ½" x 11½ No charge

Prices for microforms, CD-ROMS (audio), and DVD (video/film) vary due to the costs associated with the reproduction services provided by external vendors and the campus units. Please Contact Us for details.
35mm diazo positive or negative reel
16mm diazo positive or negative reel
35mm silver positive reel (one reel)
35mm silver positive reel (two or more reels)
16mm silver positive reel
DVD (Video/Film)
CD-Rom (Audio)

Photograph Price List

Digital Image Files
72-300 dpi JPEG $ 15.00
Over 600 dpi JPEG $ 25.00
Camera set-up charge $ 20.00 minimum
CD/DVD (includes mailing within the U.S.) $ 5.00
Postage for CD/DVD (outside the U.S.) variable
Hard Copy

Postage/Handling/Service Fees

Sliding scale, please Contact Us

Note Regarding Negatives and Postage and Handling Information

In situations where OCA must create a negative in order to provide a print, the customer will also be charged for the development of the negative. Proces for the special photographic orders are subject to the current vendor fees, and mailing and handling charges. Researcher should contact the College Archives for more details. All negatives produced are retained by OCA.

Please note that researchers are permitted to use personal cameras to photograph most materials. Researchers should seek permission from the College Archivist to use a personal camera.

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