To the Hon. Board of Trustees of the O.C. Institute assembled at Elyria—


            Whereas there has been and is now among the Colonists and Students of the O.C. Institute a great excitement in their minds in consequence of a resolution of Bro. J.J. Shipherd to be laid before the board, respecting the admissions of people of colour into the Institute and also of the board’s meeting in Elyria.


            Now your petitioners feeling a deep interest in the O.C. Institute and feeling that every measure possible should be taken to quell the alarm—that there shall not be a root of bitterness spring up to cause a division of interest or feeling (for a house divided against itself can not stand). Thereupon your petitioners respectfully request that your Hon. body will meet at Oberlin that your deliberations may be heard and known on the great and important questions in contemplations—We feel for our Black brethren—we feel to want your counsels and instructions—we want to know what is duty—and God assisting us we will lay aside every prejudice and do as we shall be led to believe God would have us do—


Wm Hosford

Asahel Munger

Brewster Pelton

Thomas P. Turner

Samuel Davis

Philip Tenney

Otis Janes

Josiah B. Hall

E. M. Leonard

Geo. N. Fletcher

T. S. Ingersol


H. Gibbs

Saml Daniels


Wm. Lewis

Fay Hopkins


A. C. Lyon

Daniel B. Kinney


Wm. Hills

Wm H. Hosington


C. W. Wallace

Rollin Brown


Wm. P. Cochran

Mayo G. Smith


Wm. Weir

J. F. Wooster


J. M. Williams



Wm. Sheffield



Herschel Reed



John Middleton



William T. Knight, Jr.



Benjm. Swett



Franklin B. Hawes



Jonathan Dearborn





Oberlin College Archives, Office of the Treasurer, Misc. Archives, “Trustees Re Colored Students”