Oberlin December 31st  1834

            We, Students of the O. C. Institute hereby certify our view as to the practicability of admitting persons of color, to this Institution under existing circumstances.


In favor




Miranda W. Capen

Mary Williams

Betsey A. Hartson

Patsey Haskins

Fanny W. Fletcher

Sarah C. Capen

Charlotte Hendry

Maria Cummings

L. S. Gillette

Mary Ann Adams

M. W. Lewis

Harriet A. Spencer

Adaline Smith

Eunice E. Hendry

Clarissa Cranney

Persis M. Hall

C. Cowles

Angeline L. Tenney

J. Foster

Fidelia Scovell

S. Z. D. Eastman

Mary Woodman

Wm. Lewis

Harriet Kennedy

John Middleton

Abigail J. Hall

William P. Cushman

Lucy A. Hall

Herschel Reed

Elvira Gaston

Charles Gerrish

H. N. Ingersoll

William W. Weir

C. A. Walker

Philip D. Adams

Saml G. Skeeles

William Hills

R. W. Lane

Wm. Sheffield

T. D. Ingersoll

Charles H. Moore

William Knight Junior

Levi Grant

A. E. Lyon

Samuel Davis

J. M. Williams

W. M. Hoisington

L. E. Beardsley

James S. Brown

John F. Wooster

E. L. Stevens

Elihu Hosford


Wm. B. Hewitt


Franklin B. Hawes


Oramel Hosford


Asahel Munger


James M. Hall


Rollin Brown



Oberlin College Archive, Miscellaneous File