Articles from The Oberlin News Tribune, 1935

Wood Construction Company


John Wood an Expert in Builders Supplies and Coal

One of the best and good scouts in business in Oberlin is John Wood, operating as the Wood Construction Company and handling builders supplies and coal. When the Wood Construction Company was formed in 1909, the owners were Robert Wood, James Wood, and John Wood. The interest of his two associates was finally purchased by John Wood and he has been sole owner of the business since 1921. He moved to his present location on South Main street in 1923. Industry, unchallenged integrity, and fine personality have been sound assets in the business of Mr. Wood since he first entered it. His business record has been such that people have every confidence that he will do as he always does, deal fairly with them in any transaction in which he has part.

Friday, March 29, 1935
The Oberlin News-Tribune, Oberlin, Ohio