The Cleveland Daily Herald

Cleveland, April 15, 1859

The Rescue Case.

Tenth Day.

      The case has gone to the Jury. Our readers can see by the testimony, the arguments of counsel and the very plain charge of the Court, that the case hinges on the facts whether the captors claimed, at Wellington, to hold John by virtue of the Power of Attorney, and whether the defendant had notice of that fact. This question of notice to the defendant would be affected very much by the fact whether or not there was concert of action, and arranged combination, among the crowd, so as to make one responsible for the acts of the other.

      On this Power of Attorney question hangs the case, and any candid, honest, enquiring mind can determine which told the truth about the “papers” – the two Kentuckians, in pursuit of the negro, or the disinterested citizens who examined the “paper” up in the “upper room” and the one who read the warrant aloud, on request of Lowe, to the crowd.


      Since writing the above the Jury have brought in a verdict of “Guilty.”