The Cleveland Daily Herald

Cleveland, April 19, 1859



The Politics of the Jury.


      We have fallen upon a strange epoch in our Judiciary age, when questions are asked as to the politics of men who sit upon traverse juries for trial of criminals. But in these rescue cases the strange anomaly has been presented – in the case of Bushnell – of a Jury composed solely of Democrats.

      As there is a great curiosity to know the politics of the Jury now empanelled in the case of Langston, we will give their names, and their reported party politics. As to those marked Democrats there is no doubt; as tot eh one marked old Line Whig, we believe that to be the proper designation:

Harvey Rice                                  Democrat                     Cleveland;

John M. Hughes                                               

Andrew Cozad,                                                   East Cleveland;

Levi Johnson,                                                      Cleveland;

Richard Hussey,                                                

George A. Davis,                                               

J.W. Smith,*                                                       

Daniel Cleveland,                                                

Ervin K. Bishop,                                                 

William Burton,                                                  

Joseph H. Crittenden                     old Line Whig             Cleveland;

Wm. B. Hall                                  Republican                  Cleveland.

      Let it not be understood that we note this fact for any purpose of casting an imputation upon that Jury. We know most of the men who compose it, and they are among our best citizens.

* We suppose Mr. S. to be a Democrat, and have marked him so, but since doing so have heard that fact disputed.