The Cleveland Daily Herald

Cleveland, April 23, 1859

The Rescue Cases – Trial of Langston.


      A.S. Halbert sworn. – Saw the crowd gather at Oberlin, &c., was at Wellington; heard crowd say that the Southerners wanted to take John to Columbus for trial, but they thought he ought to be tried at Wellington; was at the meeting at evening at Oberlin; think one of the Langston’s was speaking.

      On cross examination witness said he did not suppose John had been kidnapped – did not hear in the crowd that John had been kidnapped; don’t think he swore to that effect on other trial; did not swear on that trial that witness thought he had been kidnapped; did not say on that trial that the crowd talked as though they thought he had been kidnapped, and they would examine into the matter; witness on that trial said the crowd talked as if they meant to look into the matter, but did not use the word kidnap; they were all agreed upon having the slave; can’t say all, but a good share agreed on that ; that is, were bound to have him.

      Court adjourned at 3 o’clock until Monday morning at 10 o’clock.