The Cleveland Daily Herald

Cleveland, April 25, 1859

Jennings and Mitchell.

      It is said that the christian witness Jennings stuck his head out into the hall of the government building on Friday, but seeing the wife of one of the Oberlin felons he jumped back instantly supposing that it was the Lorain Deputy Sheriff in petticoats.

      It must be a pleasant visit those two Kentucky worthies are making to the Forest City. We hope they like the looks of the town, so far as they can see it, but really think the Marshal should change them from room to room, so they can have the benefit of change of view. The have not been in Court since the day Deputy Sheriff Whitney, with Richardson and Simons, took seats beside them in the Court room.

      They will think, before safely getting home in Kentucky, that catching niggers in Oberlin is not a paying business. If they should reach Kentucky by the way of the Ohio Penitentiary, it would dampen their ardor hereafter in the nigger catching business. The appearance of that Deputy Sheriff and assistants, convinced them there is no boy’s play about the matter. Mitchell called out to the Marshal to “take care of us” but Jennings had a fit of dumb agne. He, for a moment, thought himself in a tighter spot than when at Painesville, where the crowd gave him twenty minutes in which to get out of town.

Sheppard and Wall.

      Last fall when these two “rescuers” were first arraigned on their indictments their counsel put in pleas of abatement on account of misnomer. The pleas were not allowed to be heard until the cases should be reached in their order. At the beginning of this term, when these defendants were called, they again said their names were not given rightly, and that fact was notorious, and there were fifty witnesses present by whom their names could be proved. Yet Attorney Belden has allowed those men to be in jail eleven days, knowing all that time that they were not legally held. This morning the indictments were nolled. Is there no remedy for such abuse of power? Have these men no remedy against their legal persecutors?