The Cleveland Daily Herald

Cleveland, April 25, 1859

The Rescue Case – Trial of Langston.


      On the coming in of Court, it was stated by Judge Bliss, associate counsel for the government, that District Attorney Belden was in attendance upon the Supreme Court at Columbus, where was to-day to be argues the motion for a writ of Habeas Corpus. Thereupon the Court said a postponement of the case would be granted until Wednesday

morning, the 27th inst., at nine o’clock.

      The government then asked the Court to nolle the indictments found against Oliver S.B. Wall and against Jas. R. Sheppard, for the reason that the Grand Jury had returned defendants under the wrong christian names. The nolle was entered on each indictment, and the defendants released from jail.

      Upon the Habeas Corpus matter we have no further information (unless the wires should bring some) except from the Columbus Journal of this (Monday) morning we learn that Judge Belden, when, on Saturday, he asked for a postponement of the hearing until Monday, said that the prisoners in the hands of the Marshal should be forthcoming, in obedience to the order of the court, should the application be granted.

      In connection with this case it may be well to state that Marshal Johnson, this morning swore in a large number of special bailiffs, - we heard the number stated at forty, but we had the fact, that special bailiffs had been sworn in, from the Marshal himself, he giving as a reason that the State authorities were employing special police.