The Cleveland Daily Herald

Cleveland, April 25, 1859

The Feeling Abroad.

      A friend who has just been through Iowa says that no idea can be formed of the interest there taken in these Rescue cases. At every point along the thoroughfares, the subject is daily discussed and indignation is the universal sentiment expressed in reference to the trial of Bushnell before a jury composed solely of Democrats. This indignation is not confined to Republicans, but Democrats frankly and fully condemn the case as a stigma on the United States Court of the Northern District of Ohio. Our informant states that these trials have made five thousand Republican votes in Iowa. There are a great many Buckeyes in Iowa; a great many who formerly lived on the Reserve, and public attention is aroused, and the details of the trials sought after with great avidity.

      The injustice, the unblushing audacity, the shameless abuse of legal power by District Attorney Belden I excluding all save Democrats from that jury, and in allowing a Deputy Marshal to be one of that jury, has done much to bring the Federal Judiciary into disrespect. It has given it a blow from which it cannot recover, for the preceding was without the least excuse.