The Cleveland Daily Herald

Cleveland, April 25, 1859

The Removal of Bushnell from Jail.

      Col. Abbey was the bailiff who took Bushnell from jail and delivered him to the Marshal in the government building. We gave a statement of that matter as we got it from the Sheriff and others. By that statement it might be inferred that Col. Abbey used duplicity in getting Bushnell out of the hands of the Sheriff. We have it from Mr. Abbey that no such duplicity was used. He went over to the jail for Bushnell, not knowing why Bushnell was sent for, but supposing he was wanted in Court. Mr. Abbey did tell Mrs. Bushnell, at the jail, when she proposed to go with her husband, that he imagined Bushnell would be back to the jail in a few minutes; and Mr. Abbey supposed he would be when he said so. As Mr. Abbey was leaving the government building, by order of the Marshal, to go for Bushnell the Marshal told Mr. Abbey to stop when as he came over with Bushnell in the office, and Mr. Abbey while on his way to Court, as he supposed, with Bushnell, did so stop and there of course his agency in the matter ceased. Mr. Abbey would have taken Bushnell directly to the Court room had it not been for the MarshalŐs order.