The Cleveland Daily Herald

Cleveland, July 11, 1859

The Last of the “Rescue” Prisoners.

      Bushnell, the last of the “Oberlin Rescuers” remaining in jail completed his term of sentence to-day, and left for Oberlin by the 11:20 A.M. cars, on the Cleveland and Toledo Railroad. He was accompanied from the jail to the depot by a number of sympathizers, walking or riding in procession. The procession was headed by the Hecker Band, playing national airs. Banners were carried with the following inscription:

“The Oberlin and Wellington Rescuers:

Creation’s Noblemen.

Bushnell, Langston, Peck,

Liberty, Justice, Right.”

      A large crowd assembled to see Bushnell off, and the train took out four densely crowded cars of passengers for Oberlin in addition to the cars containing the regular passengers. A public reception awaits the liberated prisoner at Oberlin.