The Liberator

Boston, July 22, 1859

Last of the Rescuers.

      Bushnell, the last of the rescuers, let town to-day in a cloud of darkies, dust, and damaged divinities, with a band of music in front and a file of rag, tag and bob-tail in rear. He goes to Oberlin, where an ovation awaits him. Artillery Company A., Capt. Williams, left this morning at daylight, with their brass baby-waker, as an avant courier of his coming. His triumphal entry will be made amid the roar of artillery, the blaze of beauty,

‘From snowy white to sooty,’

and the shouts and huzzas of a multitude which no man can number, all for the glory of rescuing a nigger, and a nigger, too, that from his depraved habits had become a pauper charge upon the people of Oberlin. Great country! – Cleveland Plaindealer.