The Liberator

Boston, July 22, 1859

The Rescuer’ Resolves.

      At a full meeting of the ‘Oberlin Rescue Company,’ held in Cuyahoga County Jail immediately after their discharge from custody, it was unanimously resolved, that as we take leave of the prison in which we have been confined for the last three months, we cannot refuse to ourselves the privilege of giving public expression of our gratitude of God, who has been our constant keeper, and who, as we have passed through sore difficulties and trials, has well fulfilled the promise, ‘As thy day, so shall they strength be.’

      We also return thanks to Sheriff Wightman, and Jailor Smith and family, whose kindness has greatly mitigated our troubles; and to the Attorneys who have nobly defended our cause; to the friends, far and near, who by prayer and act have remembered us, and to that portion of the Press, which has given us constant and valuable aid.

      Resolved, that after all the pains and penalties inflicted upon us by Government Officials in the attempt to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act, we feel it to be our duty to say, that our hatred and opposition to that unjust and unconstitutional Law is more intense than ever before.

      No fine or imprisonment, however enforced, by whatever Court, can induce us to yield it obedience. We will hereafter, as we have heretofore, help the panting fugitive to escape from those who would enslave him, whatever may be the authority under which they may act.

      Resolved, that, in our opinion, when duties enjoined by the Word of God, and illustrated in the example of Christ, are punished in our country as crimes, it becomes all loyal citizens to ask themselves whether they have not lost the substance of their liberties, and whether they should not use instant and earnest endeavors to recover the rights which they have lost.

      Resolved, that we furnish a copy of the above resolutions to the Daily Morning Leader for publication.                                                                  J.M. Fitch, Chairman.

S.M. Bushnell, Secretary.

Cuyahoga Co. Jail, Cleveland, O., July 6, 1859.