The Oberlin Evangelist

April 13, 1859

The Trial of the Thirty-Seven

Citizens of Lorain Co., indicted by the U.S. District Court for Northern District of Ohio, commenced on Tuesday last.

      As we said in our last issue, the Jury is entirely drawn from one political party and that one much the smallest of the two which divide the people of Northern Ohio. We are glad, however, to be able to say that the personal appearance of the Jury is respectable. We cannot but hope that its verdict will prove that it is candid as well as intelligent.

      The testimony for the prosecution is not yet closed. We are unable therefore to form any opinion as to the result of the trial.

      The case furnishes a fair field for professional conflict, and the able counsel with which both the prosecution and defence is managed, is making its utmost endeavors at every point. We think the closing arguments will present a forensic tournament, which the thoughtful and curious may well desire to see.

      As being connected with the matters now in court, we may say here, that Jacob Lowe Esq., Deputy U.S. Marshall for the Southern District of Ohio, was, on Monday evening, arrested at Grafton, and taken to Elyria, where he gave bonds to answer, at the next term of the Lorain Co. Court, to an indictment for kidnapping.

      April 7th.