About me

picture of meI am currently Professor and Chair of Mathematics at Oberlin College. Before coming to Oberlin, I was a post doc at Berkeley, a grad student at Michigan, and an undergrad at Wake Forest.

My research interests lie at the intersection of mathematics and theoretical computer science. Some objects I like to think about: the set of integer points contained in a polyhedron, generating functions, economic games. Check out my talks to get a feel for what I do (with lots of pictures). Or read one of my papers to see the gritty details.

If you're more interested in my teaching, have a look at the classes I've taught. I am particularly proud of the lecture notes that I have made for my upper-level MATH 342 course, The Mathematics of Social Choice.

I live in Oberlin, Ohio with my wife, Angela, and our two dogs, Oberon and Lexi.

Spring 2021 schedule

MATH 220:
Discrete Mathematics
MWF 9-9:50am King 343 and zoom
Office Hours Tue 9-10:30am,
Wed 1:30-3pm,
or by appointment

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