Group Agreement (due 2/19)


The assignment:


Your group is responsible for producing an agreement outlining the rules and principles by which the group will operate and also establishing who will be responsible for writing up briefs for each of the case studies. What is desirably and unacceptable conduct? Limit yourselves to no more than 30 minutes of group discussion on this. It's up to you, but I suggest that you do a relatively short brainstorm as a group, have a lead author write up a draft statement, circulate this by email for editing (see "Track Changes"), and then return to the lead author for final revisions and submission. The names of all group members should appear at the top of the document.  Next to each name write the case study # for which each will take responsibility (see syllabus or mini-syllabus). The format for the product you turn in is flexible, but it must be less than a page (<600 words). A simple list of statements that you can agree on is probably the easiest format to make work. I will make comments on your agreement, but this first assignment will not be graded (i.e. you receive full credit for turning it in).  Post your group agreement to Blackboard under, “assignment drop”.  It makes no difference which member of your  group submits it.


Things to consider:


>This is a working agreement, don't expect perfection or finality, be flexible, be realistic and pragmatic, be fair, compromise.

>Where it is easy to do so, be as specific as possible. For example, will you put aside a regular time to meet, if so when, where, and what time limitations will you set?

>Given your demanding schedules, how will you insure the most efficient use of time?

>Will you assign shifting responsibilities for facilitation, note taking, time keeping, or will you be less formal in structure?

>How might you distribute labor among members?

>What criteria will you use to assess the quality of each other's participation (see grading section of online syllabus)