ENVS101 Working Group Survey Form

Before you fill out this survey you should review the Group Project Ideas and write down the numbers of the ideas your are most interested in working on. The purpose of this survey is to provide us with info necessary to assign working groups. Working groups will work collectively on case studies and projects. Our goal here is to construct groups with a diversity of skills and with common project interests. When you have entered the information be certain to click on the "submit" command at the bottom of the form. None of this information will be shared with your classmates.

Information for constructing groups:

Enter your LAST name only: Your class

Your ENVS101 instructor (very important)

Relative to other Oberlin students, rank your knowledge of the following general subject areas: 1 = know quite a bit less than most, 3 = average, 5 = very knowledgeable.

Natural and physical science


Environmental issues


Social science

Rank yourself by the following criteria: 1 = not the case, 5 = very much so.

You are politically active

You are involved in coops

You have generally had good experiences working in groups

You tend to remain fairly quiet when working with others
You would call yourself an "environmentalist"
Friends think of you as having leadership skills
You make sacrifices to minimize your impact on the planet
You probably ask questions and make comments in class more than most

Read through Project Ideas and then rank the following specific projects in terms of your interest:

1. Oberlin campus waste audit and recycling competition
2. Dorm energy competition (JP)
3. Day of service - Plum Creek river cleanup
4. Day of service - Plum Creek invasive species control research and implementation
5. Day of service - Jones farm
6. Ecolympics field day
7. Making the reusable container program at Dascomb more successful
8. America 's Greenest Campus Contest
9. Ecolympics film and/or lecture series
10. Ecolympics EcoTrivia Night
11. Ecolympics documentary team (RS)
12. Critical mass bicycle ride through Oberlin (or some other bicycle advocacy event)
13. Banning bottled water on campus?!
14. One person's trash is another person's treasure: Reusing Oberlin College surplus
15. Planning the Environmental Symposium at Oberlin College for Fall of ‘09
16. Feasibility assessment of composting in student residence halls
17. Student response to sustainability technology incorporated into newly renovated dorms

18. Assessing and improving the success of Bon Appetite's “Low Carbon Diet”

19. Green cleaning products for dining service
20. Promoting responsible student transportation and minimizing automobile use through design of intelligent parking

21. Reuse and exchange programs for unwanted household items in the City of Oberlin

22. Developing a Climate action plan toolkit for cities
23. Gardening education at Oberlin High School
24. Conservation education for Oberlin homeowners

25. Energy efficiency in Oberlin homes

26. Environmentally responsible irrigation at “Chance Creek Blues” organic blueberry farm
27. Farm fresh: encouraging the use of locally produced food in local schools
28. Better bicycle parking and bicycle sharing programs for Oberlin College
29. Composting paper towels in academic buildings
30. Weather-proofing Woodland Street Housing.
31. Increasing campus lighting efficiency.
32. Campus kitchen efficiency in CDS and OSCA

33. Energy Bike

Your new idea (if you have one):

Briefly describe any special talents that you possess that you believe would contribute to your group project (e.g. web design, graphic design, spreadsheets, special computer skills, mechanical skills, photography, silk screening, etc.).