A Guide to the Ethnomusicology LP Collection
in the Oberlin College Conservatory Library


Russia/Former U.S.S.R

Note: All call numbers begin with LP or SLP 781. followed by the numbers shown.

Some LPs have the jacket notes bound separately, with the same call number.
Be sure to ask for them.


Call Number


Company Number

747 A3 C5

Les chants et danses de Repuldigoes Sovietiques

LDX 74494-74495

747 A3 M8


Musical anthology of the peoples of the USSR

Melodia: C90 229931, 33, 35 and 23249, 51, 53, 57, 59, 61, 63

747 I3 O4

The art of the balalaika

Nonesuch D-79034

747 I3 R9

Russian folk instrumental music

Capitol SP 10491

747 S4 C4

Choeurs Monastiques Orthodoxes Russes

ED 41040

747 S6 C5

Chansons yiddish

Ocora 558 652

747 V3 C55 (w/notes)

Contemporary and Traditional Russian Songs

FW 8780

747 V3 C6

A Cool Day and Crooked Corn: the Pennywhistlers


747 V3 H5, v. 1 (w/notes)

History of the Soviet Union in Ballad & Song


747 V3 P4 (w/notes)

The Pennywhistlers

FW 8773

747 V3 R9

Russian Bylinas, vols. 1 & 2

MELD D024791-92

747 V3 R90 (w/notes)

Russian Choral Music

FW 8754

747 V3 R91

Russian Folk-songs

747 V3 R92

Russian Songs


747 V3 S6

Songs of Eastern Europe

Danica 408

747 V3 So58

Songs and Dances of the Soviet Army





747.1 A3 T7

Tunes and Songs of Finland

FW 6856

747.3 V3 Ru8 (w/notes)

Russian Folk Songs

FW 6820

747.5 A3 B8

Byelorussian: Music of the Byelorussian Polessye

EMI 3C 064-18565



Russia/Former U.S.S.R. cont.

747.71 A3 M9

Music of the Ukraine

FE 4443

747.71 I3 K6

The Kobza

FW 8705

747.87 V3 M84

Music of the Tatar People

TGM 129

747.9 A3 F7

Folk Music of the USSR

FE 4535

747.9 A3 M75

Music of the Russian Middle East

FE 4416

747.9 A3 So58

Songs and dances of the S.S.R. Middle East

FW 6916

Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia

747.91 A3 M9

A Musical Anthology of the Orient: The Music of Azerbaijan

BM 30 L 2024

747.92 A3 Ar5

Armenie: Musique de tradition populaire

OCR 50

747.92 A3 H6

Hosseh! Ruchie Berberian, his oud, voice, ensemble

1975 IAN

747.92 A3 So6

Songs and Dances of Armenia

FW 6806

747.92 I3 Ar55

Arminie: Musique Instrumentale

OCR 67

747.92 I3

Fantasie Arabe: oud and harp music of the Near East

LLST 7318

747.92 S4 Ar5

Armenie chants liturgiques du moyen-age

OCR 66

747.92 V3 A7

Armenian Choral Music

FW 8704

747.92 V3 Ar5

Armenie: Musique des Achough

OCR 59

747.92 V3 E5

Ensemble de musique Armenienne

Ocora 558608

747.95 V3 M9

A Musical Anthology of the Orient: Georgia of the Soviet Union

BM 30 L 2025




748 V3 S2

Samiks musik i Forvandling

CAP 1351

748 V3 S6

Songs of Scandinavia

Scandisc SK 1731




748.1 A3 So58

Songs and Dances of Norway

FM 4008

748.1 T3 S8

Traditional Norweigion Fiddle Music

Shanachie 21003

748.1 V3 N6

Norwegian Folk Songs

FW 8725

748.1 V3 N8

Norge Sange: Songs of Norway

Harmony LP 19

748.45 V3 L3

Lappish Joik Songs from Northern Norway

Folkways 1007




748.5 I3 T5

Three Swedish Fiddlers

Shanachie 21001

748.5 V3 S8

Swedish folk songs and ballads

FW 6844

748.6 I3 S8

Svanpolska and other Folktunes from Gotland, Halsingland, Skane & Uppland

MHS 3620

748.7 I3 F7

Folk Fiddling from Sweden


748.73 I3 F65

Folk Music in Halsingland

MHS 3446

748.8 V3 L3

Lapak folkmusick/jojkning


748.8 V3 S5

Sjungande Tornadalen

CAP 1162




748.9 V3 I6

Inger Neilsend Sings Danish Folk Songs

FW 8819

748.9 V3 S6

Denmark, sung by Dan Haugaaro

FW 6857




749.12 A3 C3

Canti populari d'Islanda: Anna Thorhallsdottir

VPA 8208

749.15 V3 K8

Kuad-dans fran Faroarna: Dance ballads of the Faroe Islands

CAP 1148




749.2 A3 D8

Dutch Folk Songs

FW 6838

749.2 A3 F7

Folksongs and Dances of the Netherlands

FE 4036

749.21 A3 L8

Living Folksongs & Dancetunes from the Netherlands: Jaap Kungst.

FP 3576

749.33 I3 H3

Brabantse volksmusiek

Alpha 5028

749.34 I3 M8

Musique Folklorique Wallonne

AL 5014




749.4 A3 S64

Songs and Dances of Switzerland


749.4 I3 I6 (w/notes)

Les Instruments de musique popolaire en Suisse

Claves D 8012-8013

749.4 I3 Ur1

Urchig's Aelplerfaescht, v. 2: various


749.47 A3 M6

Mountain Songs and Yodeling of the Alps

FW 8807



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