A Guide to the Ethnomusicology LP Collection
in the Oberlin College Conservatory Library



West Indies

Note: All call numbers begin with LP or SLP 781. followed by the numbers shown.

Some LPs have the jacket notes bound separately, with the same call number.
Be sure to ask for them.


Call Number


Company Number

772.9 A3 C1

Caribbean Folk Music vol. 1

FE 4533

772.9 A3 C19

Caribbean Island Music


772.9 A3 I7

An Island Carnival: Mus of West Indies


772.9 A3 S65

Songs from British West Indies

FW 8809

772.9 A3 T7

Trad Songs of Caribbean: National Dance Theatre Co, Jamaica


772.9 A3 U5

Under the Coconut Tree: Grand Cayman & Tortola

Orig Mus 201

772.9 B3 Af83

African and Afro-American Drums

Folkways 4502 C/D




772.91 A3 C3

Carnival in Cuba (Schloss 1980)

FE 4065

772.91 A3 C9


Musidisc 30_/1103

772.91 A3 C95

The Cuban Danzon (Schloss)

FE 4066

772.91 A3 M8

Music of Cuba (Gillis)

FE 4064

772.91 B3 Af9

Afro-Roots: Mongo Santamaria

PRT 24018

772.91 P3 E2

Trio Matamonos : Ecos de Cuba

Kubaney K-116

772.91 P3 R3

Songs of the New Cuba: Silvio Rodriguez

Paredon 1045

772.91 S3 C9

Cult Music of Cuba

FE 4410




See Cuba for Map

772.92 A3 B6 v1

Bongo, Backra, Coolie: Jamaican roots

FE 4231

772.92 A3 B6 v2

Bongo, Backra, Coolie: Jamaican roots

FE 4232

772.92 B3 F7

From Kongo to Zion

Heartbend 1I

772.92 R3 R6

Roots of Reggae: The Jolly Boys

LLST 7314

772.92 S3 F7

Folk Music of Jamaica

FE 4453

772.92 S3 J2

Jamaican Cult Music

FE 4461

772.92 S3 J3

Jamaican Cult Music

WOBC 4/28/95



Dominican Republic

772.93 A3 M4

Merengues from the Dominican Republic

LLST 7351

772.93 A3 M9 v1

Dom Republic: Island of Quisqueya

FE 4281

772.93 A3 M9 v2

Dom Republic: Island of Espanola

FE 4282

772.93 A3 M9 v3

Dominican Republic

FE 4281




See Dominican Republic or Cuba for Map

772.94 B3 D8

Drums of Haiti

FE 4403

772.94 B3 F7

Folk Music of Haiti

FE 4407

772.94 B3 So58

Songs & Dances of Haiti

FE 4432

772.94 P3 E5

Ensemble le Progres / Les Troubadours d'Haiti

Marc Rec 302

772.94 P3 H3

Haitian Piano

FW 6837

772.94 S3 R3

Rara in Haiti / Gaga in Dom. Rep.

FE 4531

772.94 S3 T5

Tiroro & his Voodo Drums

Collectors SLP 733

772.94 S3 V65

Voodoo Trance Music: Haiti

LLST 7279



Puerto Rico

772.95 A3 F6

Folk Music of Puerto Rico


772.95 A3 F7

Folk Songs of Puerto Rico (H. Yurchenco)

AHM 4412




772.96 A3 J8

Joseph Spence

Arhoolie 1061

772.96 A3 L5

Living on the Hallelujah Side

Rounder 2021

772.96 A3 R2

The Real Bahamas in Music & Song




Trinidad and Lesser Antilles

772.972.5 A3 N6

Night in Jost Van Dyke (St. Thom.Carn)

Rounder 5002

772.974 P3 S8

Steel Band Antiqua

PS 804

772.983 A3 M9

Mus of Trinidad

Nat Geog 3297

772.983 B3 C8

Cult music of Trinidad (G. Simpson--OC prof)

FE 4478

772.983 P3 R4

The Real Calypso 1927-46

Folkways RBF13

772.983 P3 S4

Send Your Children: Calypso of the 30s-40s(The Real Calypso, v. 2)

Folkways RF4

772.983 P3 So84

The Sound of the Sun


772.983 P3 St32

Steel Drums of Kim Loy Wong

FL 8367

772.983 P3 W7

Wiltwick Steel Band

FE 3834

772.984.5 B3 B5

The Big Drum Dance of Carriacou

Folkways P 1011

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