A Guide to the Ethnomusicology LP Collection
in the Oberlin College Conservatory Library



North Central

Note: All call numbers begin with LP or SLP 781. followed by the numbers shown.

Some LPs have the jacket notes bound separately, with the same call number.
Be sure to ask for them.


Call Number


Company Number

777 C3 So6

Songs of Midwest

FS 5330, FH 5330

777 I45 P5

Pigtown Fling: Dulcimer sessions

SIF 1019

777 W3 So6

Songs of the Great Lakes

FE 4018

777.1 C3 O4

Ohio State Ballads

FH 5217

777.178 A3 S5

Snow on the Roof...: Cincinnati musicians

JA 36142

777.2 A3 F5

Fine Times at Our House: Indiana ballads, tunes

FS 3809

777.311 B3 H3

Harmonica Blues Kings: Big Walter Horton

Pearl PL 12

777.311 B3 M4 vol.1

Messin' Around: Southside Chicago blues/stomps

Euphonic EES 101

777.311 B3 M4 vol.2

Messin' Around: Southside Chicago blues stomps

Euphonic EES 102

777.311 B3 O5

Okeh Chicago Blues

Epic EG 37318

777.311 B3 S6

South Side Blues: Mama Yancey, Little Brother Montgomery

Riverside OBC 508

777.311 H3 AI7

Ain't Nothing Like Real Thing

Nashboro 7069

777.4 W7 S6

Songs of the Michigan Lumberjacks


777.5 C3 F62

Folk Music from Wisconson


777.5 I11 A3

Across the Fields: Fiddle tunes, button accordion

FVF 201

777.595 N3 A63

American-Croatian Silver Strings Tamburitzans

Raynard 843K-1124

777.6 D3 S34 vol. 1

Scand/Am Folk Dance Mus: Norwegians in MN

Banjar BR 1825

777.6 D3 S34 vol. 2

Scand/Am Folk Dance Music

Banjar BR 1830

777.8 C3 M7

Missouri Folksongs: Loman Cansler

FH 5324

777.866 B3 Bl8 vol.1

Blues in St. Louis

FS 3814

777.866 B3 Bl8 vol.2

Blues in St. Louis

FS 3815

777.866 B3 Bl8 vol.3

Blues in St. Louis

FS 3816

777.866 B3 D3

Daddy Hotcakes

FS 3814

777.866 I75 R1

Ragtime at the Rosebud

Golden CRS 31032


778 C3 F6

Folksongs of Idaho & Utah

FH 5343

778 C3 L6

Lonesome Roving Wolves: Rosalie Sorrels

Green Linnet SIF 1024

778 C3 P6

Powder River: Western songs and tunes

FSI 76

778 W4 Sl4

Slim Critchlow: Crooked trail to Holbrook

Arhoolie 5007

778 W4 So5

Songs of the West: Norman Luboff Choir

Columbia CS 8329

778 W4 So6

Songs of Rodeo

Audio Arts AA705

778 W4 W5

Wild Buckaroo: Glenn Ohrlin

Rounder 0158

778.2 C3 Sw4

Sweet Nebraska Land

FH 5337

778.7 A3 Y6 cass

You Know Wyoming Will Be Your New Home

Wyoming Council

778.9 A3 Sp2

Span.& Mex. Folk Mus of New Mexico

FE 4426

778.9 N3 D3

Dark & Light in Spanish New Mexico

NW 292

778.953 H3 B9

Buenos Dias: Five Alabados of N. New Mexico

Taos TRP 122

779 C3 F7

Folksongs American N.W.: Walt Robertson

FA 2046

779.1 W4 C8

Cowboy Songs vol. 2

AFF 33-2

779.13 C3 F7

Folksongs of the Colorado River: Katie Lee

FH 5333

779.135 A3 In1

In an Arizona Town

AFF 33-3

779.4 D3 H4

Heather & Yon: Scotland's dances

Cabbage 402

779.4 D3 N6

None So Pretty : Scottish Country Dances

Cabbage 405

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