Mandinka Drumming in The Gambia

Three drummers



The Mandinka drum ensemble consists of three drums. The leader plays the long sabaro, assisted by two drummers playing the kutiro (small kutirindingo and larger kutiriba). Drum troupes play for recreational dances and various festivities.

The drum troupe shown here and others are included on a videotape I have produced featuring five traditional events. It is entitled Music of the Mande, Part III: Gambian Tantango Drumming. Please see VIDEOTAPES for further information.


For more photos, discussion and analysis, see my article "Mandinka Drumming" in African Arts, Summer 1974.

To hear a performance by the drummers pictured, click here.

For information on recent recordings of Mandinka drumming by Village Pulse, see  Mandinka Drum Master.

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