Art 367 - Art Since 1960

Pat Mathews, Department of Art

25 Images - 1989-1997

Rona Pondick
Body Politics, 1989

David Hammons
Untitled(Night Train) detail
Identitly Politics, 1989

Karen Finley
We Keep Our Victims Ready
Feminist Performance, 1989

Ida Applebroog
Elixir Tabernacle II (detail)
Feminist Art: Violence
Against Women, 1989

K. Wodicko & D. Lurie
Homeless Vehicle
Art Activism, 1989

Gran Fury
Kissing Doesn't Kill:
Greed and Indifference Do

Activist Art, 1989

Border Arts Workshop
End of the Line
Activist Performance, 1989

Lorna Simpson
Easy for Who to Say?
Body Politics, 1989

Lyle Ashton Harris
Gender Politics: Queer Communities, 1989

Mona Hatoum
Light at the End
Body Politics, Installation, 1989

Deborah Bright
Dream Girls
Gender Politics: Queer Communities, 1989-90

Kiki Smith
Untitled(pregnant belly)
Body Politics, 1990

Guillermo Gomez-Pena
Border Brujo?
Activist Performance, 1990

James Turrell
Roden Crater Rim(dusk)
Photograph, ca. 1990
Flagstaff, AZ (near)

Group Material
AIDS Timeline: Fragment
Activist Art, 1990

Robert Gober
Body Politics, 1990

Jo Spence
Untitled(Self-Portrait, Cultural Sniper Series)
Body Politics, 1990

Annie Sprinkle
Anatomy of a Pin-Up
Feminist Body Art, 1991

Adrian Piper
What It's Like, What is Is. No. 3
Activist Art: Identity Politics, 1991

David Hammons
Public Enemy
Identity Politics, 1991

Louise Bourgeois
Cell IV
Body Politics, 1991

Sue Williams
Irresistible Figure
Feminist Art: Violence Against Women, 1992

Carrie Mae Weems
Ebo Landing
Identity Politics, 1992

Carrie Mae Weems
Ebo Landing: Text
Identity Politics, 1992

Cindy Sherman
Untitled #250
Body Politics, 1992

Kiki Smith
Untitled(body trailing blood)
Body Politics, 1993

Mathew Barney
Cremaster 4
Gender Politics: Masquerade, 1994

Carrie Mae Weems
For Your Names you Took....
Identity Politics, 1995-96

Robert Gober
Untitled(Virgin Installation)
Body Politics, 1995-97

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