Art Across Time: Prehistoric - Late 20th Century

Oberlin College Department of Art
Approaches to Western Art History: Arts 103

Prehistoric Art

Ancient Art: Mesopotamia & Asia Minor

Ancient Egyptian Art & Architecture

Ancient Aegean Art

Ancient Greek Art & Architecture

Ancient Roman Art & Architecture

Early Christian/Byzantine Art & Architecture

Early Medieval & Islamic Art & Architecture

Romanesque and Gothic Art & Architecture

Italian Renaissance Painting: 1280-1480

Italian Renaissance Sculpture

Italian Renaissance Painting 1480-1520

Italian Renaissance Painting 1520-1600

Renaissance & Baroque Architecture

Northern European Renaissance Art: 1400-1600

Baroque Art: 1600-1775

American Painting: 1750-1900

Neoclassicism & Romanticism: 1775-1850

French Realism & Impressionism

Post-Impressionism: 1880-1900

20th C Art: 1900-1919

20th C Art: 1920-1945

20th C Art: 1946-1969

20th C Art: 1970-1994

19th & 20th C Architecture

Non-Western Art

Comprehensive Diagrams


Images Courtesy Art Across Time by Laurie Schneider Adams
Published by McGraw-Hill 1999

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