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Using Restricted Access Collections

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The Clarence Ward Art Library has extensive "restricted access" collections containing titles that need protection due to their content, condition or scarcity.  Most of these collections are listed in OBIS the library catalog; some have had portions scanned as well.  Although the Oberlin College Mail Art Collection is not listed in OBIS a representative sample from the collection has been digitized.  

There are two levels of restricted access: Art Limited Access and Art Special Collections.  Art Limited Access titles are available whenever the library is open** and a desk attendant is able to retrieve items and monitor use.  Art Special Collections, and titles located in "Flat", are viewed by appointment during regular business hours.  To request an appointment please use our online form.  For help selecting items, or information about restricted access materials please schedule an appointment with the Art Librarian.


** Restricted Access Collections are used during regular business hours by visitors and those without a current OCID.  Please schedule an appointment using our online form.  A current driver's license or equivalent state-issued photo ID is required.

Bring an ID to your appointment:

Oberlin College Faculty, staff and students: A current OCID (except for class visits
Visitors: A current driver's license or equivalent state-issued photo ID

We reserve the right to limit or deny use of any materials.

During your appointment

Materials are viewed at the table behind the Circulation Desk.  Art Library staff monitor use and provide assistance.  Please wash your hands (there is a sink available in the Art Library).  Place all jackets, backpacks, bags, parcels, notebooks, food, drink etc. in the designated area.  No pens, books or notebooks; pencils and paper are provided upon request.  Sweaters, hoodies, blazers, shirts, etc. must be removed or buttoned/zipped up. Video recording devices also monitor use.

Handling material:

Please handle materials respectfully; if uncertain ask for help. No marks are to be made in the items.  Post-it's and other adhesive materials are forbidden; bookmarks are available upon request.  Patrons may incur replacement costs for lost or damaged items.  We reserve the right to decline requests and enforce proper handling.  Photography and photocopying requests are handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Art Library permanent staff. 

Last updated:
May 9, 2019