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Fine Payments & Appeals

  • Make fine payments at the circulation desk in the Main, Art or Science Libraries during posted hours
  • We accept cash, checks, and OBIEDollars (Main Library only)
  • Payment may be mailed to the attention the Main Library Dirculation Desk (see address at the bottom of the page)
  • Students may have an immediate 1/2 off discount if the fine is paid within 2 weeks of notification
  • Discount amount and deadline appear in the email notice
  • Fines may be appealed by replying to the email notice within 2 weeks
  • Unpaid fines totaling $150 or more automatically suspend student borrowing privileges. Unpaid fines totaling $50 or more automatically suspend courtesy borrowing privileges
    • Privileges are restored when the fine total drops below $150.
  • We hold a student's enrollment until fines from the previous semester are paid. Graduating seniors, withdrawn students, and students on leave are billed for any outstanding fines.

Hourly Fines

Hourly fines start to accrue after a brief grace period.  The first fine increment posts minutes after an item is due, not after the first hour.  To illustrate, here's an example of the accruing of a $5/hour fine:

time of return fine
returned after grace period, up to 1 hour overdue $5.00
returned 1 to 2 hours overdue $10.00
returned 2 to 3 hours overdue $15.00


Last updated:
June 4, 2014