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Dewey System

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Please note: This version of the Dewey Decimal Classification system was developed in the late 1950's specifically for use in the Oberlin Conservatory Library, and therefore may differ significantly from versions in use at other libraries.

The following table is not a complete list of the Dewey numbers used in the Library, but is instead merely representative of the numbers used. It is intended only as a rough guide for browsing purposes. For more comprehensive searching of the collection by subject, please consult OBIS.

In this system, a score of music of a particular type is given a classification number similar to the number given to a book about that type of music. In this collection, scores are distinguished from books by the addition of an "M" following the initial class number.

Please ask at the Reference Desk if you have any questions.

780 Music
.075 Official support and recognition
.1 Philosophy, Aesthetics, Appreciation
.13     Music therapy, Music in industry
.3 Dictionaries, Encyclopedias
.4 Essays, Addresses, Lectures
.7 Education, Study and teaching
.72 Music conservatories, Schools and courses
.8 Collections, Anthologies
.82     More than one composer ("Monuments")
.9 Historical and geographical treatment
.92     Music biography
.928         Collected music biography
.973     American music
781 Theory and techniques
.1 Scientific aspects
.2 Elementary and general
.22     Sound
.23     Terminology
.24     Notation
.3 Harmony, Thorough bass
.4 Counterpoint
.6 Composition and performance
.62     Rhythm and meter
.63     Performance
.631     Instrumentation
.632     Orchestration
.632.5         Orchestral conducting
.632.7         Vocal and instrumental performance
.633     Instruments and voices, Score reading
.64     Arranging, Instrumental reduction, Transposition
.91 Musical instruments in general
782 Dramatic music, Theater music
.2 Epic, Wagnerian
.6 Comic and Satiric
783 Church music
.25 Plain song
.4 Anthems, Motets, Sacred cantatas
.6 Chorales, Carols
.8 Choirs
.9 Congregational singing, Psalmody, Hymnody
784 Vocal music
.068 Choruses
.068.2     Women
.068.4 Mixed
.068.5 Vocal parts with choruses
.1 Glees, Madrigals, Rounds
.4 Folk songs
.62 Student songs, School songs
.623 Songs for secondary schools
.624 Songs for elementary schools
.71 National songs
.756 African-American songs
.8 Collected songs
.864 Collected choruses
.88 Collections for women's voices
.9 Art of musical expression
.93 Voice production
.94 Special methods or forms
.96 Performance in concert
785 Symphonic and instrumental music
.09 History
.1 Orchestral music
786 Keyboard instruments
.3 Piano instruction
.4 Piano music, General collections
787 Stringed instruments
.1 Violin
.3 Violoncello
788 Wind instruments
.05 Periodicals
.09 Collections
.1 Trumpet
.2 Trombone
.5 Flute
.6 Clarinet
.7 Oboe
789 Percussion and mechanical instruments
.1 Drum
.5 Bells, Chimes
.6 Other percussion instruments, Xylophone
.9 Other mechanical instruments
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