Project Overview and Acknowledgements

The Sela G. Wright Digital Collection at Oberlin College is a joint project of The Center for Research Libraries (CRL), Oberlin College Archives, and Oberlin College Library. The project to digitize the Sela G. Wright papers began with conversations within the Undergraduate Research Working Group of The Center for Research Libraries. Thanks to CRL staff who digitized and transcribed the materials. Thanks also to Oberlin College Library staff members Cecilia Robinson for data management, Xi Chen for interface design, and Oberlin College Archives Assistant Archivist, Anne Salsich for curatorial advice. Our additional thanks go to Linda Grimm, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, and Amy Margaris, Assistant Professor of Anthropology for comments and suggestions, and to Jason Haugen, Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology, for his interest, support, and expertise.

Jessica Grim, Collection Development and Management Librarian

Ken Grossi, Oberlin College Archivist