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Research Assistant ID Card

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Faculty and staff may occasionally ask others to conduct library business on their behalf. We strongly discourage patrons borrowing books in their own name for other borrowers, and we do not allow patrons to check books out in another's name without this authorization.

You may request a library card authorizing a research assistant or secretary to borrow books in your name. This ID will be attached to your record for checking out books. In requesting this card, you are accepting responsibility for all materials checked out with this ID. These cards may be transferred to different assistants each semester.

Contact the Main Library circulation staff  if you have any questions or wish to de-activate a card.

Request a Research Assistant ID Card

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* I understand that all library materials borrowed using this card are my responsibility, including the return, in good condition, when due or when requested.
Please send the card(s) to me via campus mail
Please hold the card(s) at the Main Library Circulation Desk for pick-up

Last updated:
October 10, 2013