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Research Award Winners

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Jerry Shang

"Austro-Marxism: Finding Socialism in Modernity" | process paper
Nominating Faculty: Annemarie Sammartino, History

The second prize for 2019 was shared among three projects that were similar in that the final project was intended to be shared with a broad audience through digital, audio and/or print media:


Nic Vigilante
"Research Games in Structural Biology" | process paper
Nominating Faculty: Rebecca Whelan, Chemistry and Biochemistry


Brooke Oertel
"Cats, Dogs, and Idle Fools: Education in Early America" | process paper
Nominating Faculty: T.S. McMillin, English


Nicholas Capozzoli
“Music of the ‘Ringing Isle’: the Culture of Bell-Ringing and Its Musical Evocations in England, c. 1660-1700" | Research process paper
Nominating Faculty: Steven Plank, Musicology

Naomi Roswell
“Eradicating the Logs, Brambles, and Boulders of Misunderstanding: Creating Social Change Through Oratory in Early America” | Research process paper
Nominating Faculty: T.S. McMillin, English


Jacob Baron
"The Not-So-Anonymous Nutmegger" | Research process paper
Nominating Faculty: Alberto Zambenedetti, Film Studies

Hazel Galloway
"Intraspecific Signaling as an Adaptive Force in the Evolution of Blue-Green Eggs in Robins: A Review of Recent Work" | Research process paper
Nominating Faculty: Keith Tarvin, Biology


Rebecca Achtenberg
"Firth, Hall, Pond & (their many) Co(mpanies)"
Nominating Faculty: James O'Leary, Music History

Zachary (Zakk) Bluford
"Gibreel's Inadvertent Consersations: Extending His Internal Repertory"
Nominating Faculty: Anuradha Needham, English


Alexandra (Alex) Howard
Bone Throwing, Bible Toting
Nominating Faculty: Amy Margaris, Anthropology

Lauren Vandermortel & Alicia Gaber
“Gay and Lesbian Literature of the 20th Century: Selections from the Gene Woodling Collection”
Nominating Faculty: Greggor Mattson, Sociology


Anna Band
"Die Jüdische Toynbee Halle in Wien [the Jewish Toynbee Hall of Vienna]: Leon Kellner's Quasi- Colonialist Bildungsinstitution, 1900-1914"
Nominating Faculty: Shulamit Magnus, Jewish Studies


Thomas Vozar
"Scorti Libellus: Publication as Prostitution in Sulpician Elegy”
Nominating Faculty: Kirk Ormand, Classics

Benjamin Jakubowski
“Controversies in '-omics' diagnostics development”
Nominating Faculty: Rebecca Whelan, Chemistry


Mara Spece
Presentation in the Temple
Nominating Faculty: Erik Inglis, Art History

Daniel Walden
"Noting Images:  Understanding the Illustrated Manuscripts of Mendelssohn's Schilflied and Hindemith's Ludus Tonalis" 
Nominating Faculty: Rebecca Leydon, Music Theory


Stephen Williams
"A Review of the Life History and Ecology of the Eastern Newt"
Nominating Faculty: Roger Laushman, Biology

Dylan Messina
"Where will it END? -Or- A guide to extended techniques for the Violoncello"
Nominating Faculty: Seung-Ah Oh, Composition


Allison Takahashi
"'Light's Fellowship with Twilight': The Religious Thought of John Henry Barrows and the 1893 World's Parliament of Religions"
Nominating Faculty: James Dobbins, Religion

Brian Holbrook
"The Constitutional Significance of Presidential Signing Statements"
Nominating Faculty: Ron Kahn, Politics


No awards given.


Claire Cheney
"Untold, Savored, Gold: Poems"
Nominating Faculty: Pam Alexander, Creative Writing

Peter Nowogrodzki
"Understanding What We Cannot See: An Investigation of Research on Signals and Ultraviolet Plumage Reflectance"
Nominating Faculty: Keith Tarvin, Biology

Janine Heiser

Nominating Faculty: Paul Dawson, Politics


Yi Hong Sim
"How to Swing a Mouse: Intersections of Female and Feline in Medieval Europe"
Nominating Faculty: Jennifer Bryan, English

Katherine Au
"Avian Chimeras for Studying Craniofacial Development"
Nominating Faculty: Yolanda Cruz, Biology


Caitlin Cardina
"The Pulverized Poetic: A Literary Exploration of Spices in Colonial America"
Nominating Faculty: T.S. McMillin, English

Joel Heller
"Geographical Illustrations: The Popular Atlas and the Internationalization of Walt Whitman"
Nominating Faculty: Jedd Deppman, English


Shama Cash-Goldwasser
"New Weapons in an Ancient War: Fighting Malaria With Genomics"
Nominating Faculty: Yolanda Cruz, Biology

Shoshana Friedman
"Watering With Words: Children and Nature in Puritan Educational Literature"
Nominating Faculty: T.S. McMillin, English

Lauren Stensland
"The Unz Initiatives and the Dangers of Direct Democracy"
Nominating Faculty: Debbie Schildkraut, Politics


Michael Block
"All Was Confusion: The Civil War in New Mexico"
Nominating Faculty: Gary Kornblith, History

Marian Schlotterbeck
"Modestly Appropriating Conventions: Anne Bradstreet, Phillis Wheatley and the Literary Sphere of Early America"
Nominating Faculty: T.S. McMillin, English


Elizabeth Weinstein
"Deconstructing Autism: A Sociological Perspective on a Puzzling Disorder"
Nominating Faculty: Antoinette Charfauros-McDaniel, Sociology

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