QTND 7: Sinking Mudd?

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RAE — Y'know, I've always wondered, and now that I've graduated, I think I deserve to know the truth: Is Mudd really sinking?

This query tempts me to invent yet another response category — QTISWWD (Questions That I Sure Wish Would Die). The subject goes back many years and has been answered in basically the same way every time. So, to do it once again (and let's hope for a substantial number of future Oberlin students as well): No, Mudd is not sinking. There's also no truth to the related story that the building's going down because the architect forgot to calculate the weight of the books. While gullible folds may believe them, such stories seem to be attached to some libraries. I've been here over a decade and, except for normal settling, Mudd is right where it's always been.

—RAE 4/9/92

Ok, ok, so tell us — what constitutes "normal settling"?

It's what all buildings do when they're not sinking.

—RAE 4/10/92

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